AWARD Assessment

Handy Hints for getting started with AWARD Assessment

AWARD Assessment in designed to be taken individually on computers. This is formative assessment, based on the concept of running records. Each assessment takes approximately 15 minutes.

The teacher chooses one or two assessments for a student to take (never more than two in one day). AWARD assessment needs to be taken at the start of a reading period because an incomplete assessment cannot be carried over to the next day. An English-speaking student will be able to work on the assessment using headphones once the teacher has set it up. ELLs may need to have a teacher sit alongside to translate the instructions.

Sample: Kindergarten student:
To find a starting point, perhaps choose Alphabet Upper case letter names and the first Magenta Story/Text assessment. Each of these would take 15 minutes. If a computer lab or more than one computer is available, students can be set up to do assessments on them. As the teacher goes around the computers, checking their names and the tests they want undertaken, each student can start with their headphones on. Remember to allow enough time to finish (15 minutes per test).

The student must let the teacher know when the words "assessment completed" appear on the screen so that results can be looked at or printed out. If the teacher finds the student scored 100% in these tests, then it would be worth testing at a higher level next time.

To download the Assessment User Guide click on the following link. DOWNLOAD USER GUIDE HERE