Grade 1 - Online
18 Narrative Texts, 18 Informational Texts
Phonics – 36 Texts
Independent Reading – 30 Texts
108 Skill Activities, 36 Phonics Activities, 36 Genre Selections
Teachers' Guide – 36 Lesson Plans
Formative Assessment, Progress Monitoring & Placement Tests

AWARD Reading

Grade 1 Online

Skill and confidence building continues in grade 1 as you focus on reinforcing foundational skills while adding new challenges. AWARD Reading Supplemental gives teachers the content to meet varied student needs while staying in step with Common Core Standards.

  • Developmentally appropriate text in Grade 1 includes a 50/50 split between original narrative and informational text, plus phonics stories incorporating word family and letter combination work. Students return to these high-interest, carefully animated stories for instruction and enjoy access to additional independent readers.

  • Online text and activities contain embedded support for independence, such as highlighting words at the beginning of Grade 1 and progressing to highlighting sentences, self-paced progression, well-modulated voice overs, modeling activities, and more.

  • Each online narrative text is accompanied by skill activities surrounding phonics, word, and writing work. Many of these activities include motivational games, such as a chance to ‘beat their own time’ in completing tasks, increasing skill fluency. These support both teacher-led instruction and independence for young learners.

  • Non-fiction text covers cross-curriculum topics, such as What is Light? and uses the index, glossary, and table of contents to differentiate a genre that supports reference, research, and thinking skills. Embedded videos bring the content to life.

  • Teacher-friendly, Common Core-driven lesson plans, where every step is in clear, easy-to-follow language is immediately accessible from each online lesson page.