Grade 2 - Online
18 Narrative Texts, 18 Informational Texts
Independent Reading – 30 Texts
55 Skill Activities, 36 Genre Selections
Teachers' Guide – 36 Lesson Plans
Formative Assessment, Progress Monitoring & Placement Tests

AWARD Reading

Grade 2 Online

Building on K and grade 1 skills, the Grade 2 program gradually releases some of the prior online support with students growing into more fluent readers. AWARD Reading Supplemental gives teachers the content to meet varied student needs while staying in step with Common Core Standards.

  • Grade 2 content includes a 50/50 split between original narrative and informational text. Text structure and complexity increase. Students return to these high-interest, animated stories for instruction and enjoy access to additional independent readers.

  • Online text and activities still contain embedded support for independence. However, at this level, stories are not automatically read to students but they can select that option. Sentences and paragraphs are highlighted when the text reading option is activated. The stories are still self-paced and include well-modulated voice overs.

  • Each online narrative text is accompanied by skill activities focusing heavily on comprehension, word, and writing work.The activities are automatically modeled for students to support independence.

  • Non-fiction text covers cross-curriculum topics, such as The Hubble Telescope and Statues of the World. Using the index, glossary, and table of contents to differentiate this genre, teachers can focus on instruction that supports reference, research, and thinking skills. Embedded videos bring the content to life. 

  • Teacher-friendly, Common Core-driven lesson plans, where every step is in clear, easy-to-follow language, is accessible from each online lesson page.