Kindergarten - Online
18 Narrative Texts, 18 Informational Texts
26 Alphabet Texts
Independent Reading - 16 Texts
108 Skill Activities, 104 Alphabet Activities, 36 Genre Selections
Teachers' Guide – 36 Lesson Plans
Formative Assessment, Progress Monitoring & Placement Tests

AWARD Reading

Kindergarten Online

Success starts here as you focus on key skill development and foster the love of learning. AWARD Reading Supplemental gives teachers the content to meet varied student needs while staying in step with Common Core Standards.

  • Developmentally appropriate text in K includes a 50/50 split between original narrative and informational text, plus Lettergetter Loves alphabet stories.  Students return to these creative, high interest and carefully animated stories again and again and have access to additional independent readers.

  • Online text and activities contain embedded support for independence, such as highlighting words in a sentence, self-paced progression, well-modulated voiceovers, modeling activities, and more.

  • At this level, online support is especially high. Each online narrative text is self-paced and has two readings, a ‘read-to’ and a ‘read-by’. During their own reading, students can click on any word to hear it spoken.

  • Teacher-friendly, Common Core-driven lesson plans, where every step is in clear, easy-to-follow language is immediately accessible from each online lesson page.

  • Extended instruction through skill activities in K include extensive Alphabet interaction as well as word work and sentence creation. These activities support both teacher-led instruction and independence for the youngest learners.