Quotes from teachers at PS 333

AWARD has been such a wonderful introduction for my Kindergarten ESL students. The first week of class, they felt like readers when they were able to independently 'read' the first text.

Katherine Nelson, ESL Teacher

AWARD is balanced literacy with a twist of technology and ELL scaffolds all in one package. It is not a scripted program but rather a treasure chest filled with authentic, engaging materials teachers can pull from in order to best educate the students. It is an exciting way for teachers and students to learn literacy and content area knowledge. It never feels like traditional, antiquated schooling but rather exploration and fun!

Kathryn Castellano, ESL/Bilingual Coordinator

Quotes from teachers at PS 46X

AWARD Reading is a wonderful program that can be used with bilingual students as a literacy and ESL program. Lisa Rosario, First Grade Bilingual teacher

AWARD Reading is a comprehensive literacy program that celebrates a love for reading and targets the individual child. Carri To, ESL Grade 1 teacher

If children have a choice, they always choose AWARD. I apply the centers I learned about in AWARD to all my other subjects now. The children feel like readers because of the success they have. A Colombian boy with no English last year is reading now with understanding and speaking fluently.

Quotes from teachers at PS 100Q

The teachers using AWARD say it is amazing because these beginning children with no English are reading within 6 months. (K and 1)

Quotes from teachers at PS 98M

Children are instantly engaged. They love the worm (Lettergetter). Definitely improved their English.

Customer Comments about AWARD Reading and Writing: California

Here are some unsolicited statements from a current AWARD customer:

Kids are engaged when working on AWARD. AWARD energizes all students. They are millennial kids and they love working on the computer, video activities, media, etc.

  • We need more engagement by students that are not active learners.

  • It shows the story being read to the child with the words turning red as the voice moves.

  • The pictures come to life as they move and interact.

  • It teaches the basic vocabulary. Focuses on building vocabulary and extends vocabulary.

  • It connects kids to books and interactive engaging pictures.

  • It is another teacher (an instructional tool) in the classroom, which we all need!

AWARD is the perfect intervention:

  • It supports everything you are doing in your curriculum.

  • It is super for Attention Deficit students, unmotivated students, struggling learners, English Language Learners, millennial kids, our media and video game loving kids, etc.

You have to show the book with the technology:

  • Every student needs the book with the computer version.

  • Read, reread the book, and do activities: vocabulary, comprehension, writing, grammar; then have them read the book to someone.

  • Do a guided lesson (six packs) with that book.

  • Always use the technology in whole class or small class instruction.

Kid Conversations about AWARD...Florida

"On AWARD, you can write and you can make words and stories. My Skeleton is my favorite title. It is exciting because of the games. The Mighty Writer game is my favorite game."


"I like the AWARD activities because you get to pick the one you want to play sometimes. I like It's For You best because the girl talks to animals like the dolphin. There are always cool games at the end when you are finished reading."


"We like AWARD because it is fun. We like to work in partners. We have been learning how to spell words. It is such a fun way to learn to us."

Keely and Alyssa

"I love AWARD because we get to read stories on the computer every day. After we read stories, we get to play games. I get to click on my favorite stories and read them again and again. A Dark, Dark Night is my favorite."